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Details of PSU Grants Outstanding in Fiscal 2022

2019 PSU Grant

Performance Multiplier

PSUs granted in fiscal 2019 vested in fiscal 2022. For these PSUs, the performance multiplier included the following components: 30% based upon overall three-year relative TSR; 30% based upon the compound annual growth rate in adjusted EPS (1) , and the remaining 40% based on the achievement of specified strategic initiatives.

Three-year relative TSR

We compared the TSR of CWB common shares over the three-year performance period against the TSRs of a basket of performance comparators during the same performance period. We calculated TSR using the weighted average trading price of common shares on trading days beginning on December 1 and ending on December 15 in the year of vesting. The peer group for determining relative TSR to calculate the PSU performance multiplier for fiscal 2019 grant follows:

PSU Peer Group for Determining Relative TSR



S&P/TSX Capped Financials Index Return


EQB Inc.


Home Capital Group Inc.


IGM Financial Inc.


Laurentian Bank of Canada


National Bank


Our performance was measured as a percentile of the peers’ performance and the multiplier applied was equal to double the percentile rank of our performance, such that at the 50 th percentile, the multiplier is equal to 100% for this metric. However, if CWB share price performance ranked below the 25 th percentile amongst our peers, the multiplier would be set at 0% for the TSR component. In addition, in the event that CWB shares deliver a negative TSR over the performance period, the multiplier would be capped at a maximum of 100%.

Compound Annual Growth in Adjusted EPS

We measured the compound annual growth rate in adjusted EPS (1) component over the three-year performance period. As discussed on page 40, at the time of the grant, CWB had adopted the IFRS 9 framework, and the impact of the performing loan provision was included in the PSU metric of three-year compound growth in adjusted EPS.

At the time of the grant, performance goal ranges were established based on our medium-term performance target ranges, which provide for 0% payout if no growth was achieved, 100% if target performance was achieved, and up to a maximum of 200% for superior performance achieved, with interpolation between these points.

Strategic initiatives

We determined the strategic initiatives component by analyzing CWB performance against the medium-term strategic initiatives set at the time of grant, consistent with our strategic direction. We established a performance rating scale to assess the degree of goal attainment on each strategic initiative. The PSU performance multiplier for the strategic initiatives component was:


Performance Multiplier

Exceptional Performance


Above Expectations


Meets Expectations


Below Expectations




At the end of the performance period, the HR Committee evaluated management’s performance on each strategic initiative and determine d the appropriate performance multiplier.

(1) Non-GAAP measure. See page 39 of this Circular for more details. Disclosure of adjusted measures and other non-GAAP measures can be found in the Non-GAAP Measures section of our 2022 MD&A.

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