CWB-Management Proxy Circular-2023-EN

Registered Shareholders

Non-Registered (Beneficial) Shareholders

To vote at the meeting

To vote at the meeting

• To vote in person at the meeting: Do not complete the proxy form or return it to us. Please bring it with you to the meeting and register with Computershare when you arrive at the meeting.

• To vote in person at the meeting: - Insert your name in the space provided for appointing a proxyholder and sign and return the voting instruction form as instructed by your intermediary. - Do not complete the voting section of the voting instruction form, as you will be voting in person at the meeting. - If no space is provided for you to insert your name on the form, please contact your intermediary for instructions. - Please register with Computershare when you arrive at the meeting.

Changing your vote

Changing your vote

• If you want to revoke your proxy after you have delivered it either electronically or by mail, you can do so by signing a written statement to this effect and delivering it to Monique Petrin Nicholson, Corporate Secretary, Canadian Western Bank, Suite 3000, Canadian Western Bank Place, 10303 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3X6 on or before April 4, 2023. You may also provide your written statement to the Chair of the meeting prior to the meeting start time, or in any other manner permitted by law.

• If you have returned your voting instructions to your intermediary and change your mind about your vote, or decide to attend the meeting and vote in person, contact your intermediary to discuss whether revocation is possible and, if so, the procedure to follow.

Q: How will my shares be voted if I give my proxy?

A: The common shares represented by your proxy will be voted or withheld from voting according to your instructions.

If you specify how you want your shares to be voted on a particular matter, your proxyholder must vote your shares accordingly. If you do not specify how you want your shares voted, your proxyholder will decide how to vote.

If you properly complete and return your proxy form or voting instruction form, but do not appoint a different proxyholder, and do not specify how you want to vote, the CWB directors designated in the proxy form as your proxyholder will vote for you as follows:

• FOR the appointment of KPMG as CWB ’ s auditor; • FOR the election as directors of each of the nominees set out in the “ Your Director Nominees ” section in this Circular; and • FOR the advisory resolution on CWB ’ s approach to executive compensation.

Q: What if these matters are amended or if other matters are brought before the meeting?

A: No matter is expected to come before the meeting other than the matters referred to in the notice of meeting. However, if any matter which is not now known to management (or any amendment or variation to matters identified in the notice of meeting) properly comes before the meeting, the proxies will be voted on such matters in accordance with the best judgement of the person or persons voting the proxies.

Q: How will votes be counted?

A: Computershare will act as the meeting ’ s scrutineer, and will count the proxies and tabulate the results.

Q: Is my vote confidential?

A: Computershare preserves the confidentiality of shareholder votes, except where:

• The Chair of the meeting is required to rule on the validity of voting instructions contained in a proxy; • The shareholder clearly intends to communicate their position to management; or • Necessary to comply with legal requirements.

Subject to these three exceptions, all proxies are considered confidential and will be retained by Computershare in its capacity as CWB ’ s transfer agent.

Q: How do I find out the voting results?

A: The voting results will be announced at the meeting. After the meeting, a detailed report on the voting results will be posted on CWB ’ s website at and under CWB ’ s profile on SEDAR at

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