CWBFG Annual Report 2022

“Through her tireless work, commitment and passion, Dr. Marie Delorme has been a catalyst to change and has made an indelible mark on Indigenous relations. A born relationship builder, she has inspired Indigenous people and Canadian society to come together”

– RANDY WHITE President of Sysco Canada

We remain committed to supporting and engaging with management as they continue to develop and implement CWB’s approach to sustainability. In closing, on behalf of the Board, I want to express appreciation to my fellow shareholders for their ongoing support and to our clients for the opportunity to be their full-service financial provider. I also want to thank all our CWB team members for your unwavering commitment to

our success. I am excited for the opportunities ahead of us and remain confident in our ability to provide sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Sarah Morgan-Silvester Chair of the board



THANK YOU BOB & SANDY On behalf of the Board, I wish to express our utmost gratitude to Bob Phillips, who retired in April 2022 after 21 years on CWB’s board, including six as Chair. Bob provided extraordinary perspective and guidance throughout his tenure and his leadership has left an indelible mark on CWB. We also wish to express our appreciation to Glen Eastwood, Carolyn Graham, and Darrell Jones for their significant contributions as members of our executive team and wish them the very best in retirement. I would also like to recognize Sanford Riley who retired after 11 years on our Board. Thank you, Sandy, for your invaluable insight and experience toward advancing CWB’s strategic direction, particularly in the development and growth of our wealth management business. Your thoughtful contributions and dedicated service will be missed.

CWB Financial Group 2022 Annual Report | 9

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