CWBFG Annual Report 2022

Building a Sustainable Future

Leaders Carmen, Kate and Rachel help the Talent Acquisition team put their best teal foot forward to tell the CWB story and attract the right talent to build an inclusive and engaged CWB workforce.

Our strategy, culture and values guide our approach to sustainability, which includes ESG factors. Our approach is focused to support the ongoing success of our business and the businesses of our clients and we remain firmly committed to long-term value creation for all our stakeholders.

ENVIRONMENTAL Manage our environmental impact and support our clients through Canada’s transition to net-zero emissions.

SOCIAL Support our clients, teams

GOVERNANCE Ensure the highest standards of

and communities in pursuit of a sustainable and inclusive future.

governance, ethics and integrity to maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

For information on our commitment to sustainable value creation for all our stakeholders, see our 2021 Sustainability Report at:

10 | CWB Financial Group 2022 Annual Report

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