CWBFG Annual Report 2022

Investing in our communities We take pride in contributing to the growth and success of the communities in which we operate. In 2022, we invested over $2 million in community organizations through donations, sponsorships, disaster relief funding, and employee volunteer grants and matching initiatives, with a focus to promote inclusivity and enable business.

FOSTERING INCLUSIVE COMMUNITIES Allocated approximately 70% of our community funding in 2022 to support organizations serving Black and Indigenous communities, immigrants and newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities and vulnerable youth and women. Took concrete actions towards reconciliation with Indigenous communities. We provided funding to Indigenous transition programs at universities across Canada, supported development of an art space for Indigenous youth healing from trauma, delivered tutoring sessions in Indigenous classrooms and funded the creation of Indigenous storybooks for cultural and language revitalization. Invested in organizations that are focused to positively impact refugee and immigrant communities by providing newcomers to Canada with microlending for accreditation and training, hands-on coaching and access to support services.

Marlene (CWB Sharing Circle member) shops at the Indigenous Artisan Market on National Indigenous People’s Day at Telus World of Science.

ENABLING BUSINESS Continued to support diverse entrepreneurs to plan, launch and grow their businesses through sponsorship initiatives, including the CWB Business Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs program. Funded cultural awareness training for small- and medium-sized businesses to improve inclusion in the workplace. Provided funding to create a post- secondary entrepreneurial training program that will teach students with diverse learning needs essential skills to start and grow their own businesses.

Shamsi (Pamjy Candles) from the CWB Business Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs.

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