CWBFG Annual Report 2022

FISCAL 2023 STRATEGIC PRIORITIES Table 3 - Focused Performance to Create Value for our Clients, our People and our Investors

Fiscal 2023 strategic priorities

• Continue to enhance our digital client experience and products to provide clients with an efficient, integrated, and market-competitive process to manage their cash management needs. • Support our teams through enhanced learning, performance management, and actionable insights to continue to deliver an unrivaled experience to our clients and drive high client satisfaction. • Leverage our newly rebranded CWB Wealth operations and provide comprehensive, high-touch offerings for management of our client’s current and future wealth needs, inclu ding a full range of financial planning activities.

Enhance our capabilities to provide an unrivaled experience for more Canadian business owners and their families

• Continue to earn recognition as an employer of choice, and a Great Place to Work Canada TM .

Drive a positive and inclusive culture and employee experience to create value for our people and remain a career destination for top talent

• Continue to invest in our people and culture to attract and retain top talent and enable our teams to be as effective as possible to provide an unrivaled experience to our clients.

• Continue to support and expand our employee-represented groups focused on inclusion, diversity and mental health.

• Leverage our enhanced digital capabilities, client offerings, and unrivaled client experience to grow our full-service client base across Canada, and drive strong branch-raised deposit growth. • Continue to build our brand awareness in Ontario and acquire new full-service clients in the province, supported by our existing full-service banking centres in Markham and Mississauga and a new banking centre expected to open in Toronto’ s financial district in fiscal 2023.

Optimize our business to create value for investors through profitable, long- term growth and sustainable returns

• Continue to broaden our funding sources to improve funding diversification and optimize our overall cost of funding.

• Commence integration of our revised AIRB tools into underlying business processes and data to provide an efficient and scalable operating platform as a model-enabled bank, and make meaningful progress towards obtaining approval to transition to the AIRB approach. Once our AIRB tools have been successfully implemented across the business, we will operate them for a sufficient period of time to support a successful resubmission of our application.

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